Perfectionism, Procrastination and the Power of Poop

So.  I poop.  (yeah, I said that). Gotta be honest.  Kind of freaks  me out to tell you.  But I’m committed to doing so because I think it will be freeing for me to let you know.  😉 See, I’ve always been a pretty private person.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to bodily functions, which are just embarrassing and “don’t belong...[ read more ]

12 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Hi! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Happy Valentine's Day to you, Happy Val... Ok, I'll stop singing. But I wanted to pass this along. Just got it from my friend Emma at and thought it'd make a lovely re-gift. To you. :) You deserve a little kindness today. Especially from yourself! ​The 12 Ways to be Fiercely Kind with yourself: 1. Be BOLD:...[ read more ]

If I Could Give You ONE Gift

If I could give you any gift this year, it would be the gift of… YOU. It would be the recognition that you are. … That’s it. You ARE. And that’s enough. The fact that you are alive means you’re supposed to be here. Just as you are. You are making a difference. Just as you are. Read that again....[ read more ]

What to do if you’ve “lost your way”?

SING! At least that works for me when I’m feeling lost and need to get “back on track.”  The right music rights my ship.  Every time. These last few months have been rough on all of us.  I’ve had some great things happen – and definitely some not-so-great. And in the midst, I may have gotten a bit off course....[ read more ]


Recently I got to spend the day with more than 1,000 of my favorite people from around the world learning and growing and pouring into each other. It was Think Tank Day – kicking off a multi-day gathering (online) of John Maxwell Team coaches, speakers and leadership trainers. It’s always incredibly uplifting to be around this bunch of folks who...[ read more ]

What I’m Learning From Mickey Mouse – Guest Post

(a guest post from my husband that is definitely a gem for the rest of us!) My favorite Christmas gift from my wife is a picture of Mickey Mouse sitting on a stool smiling, paintbrush in hand, looking at himself in the mirror. To his right sits a wooden easel and sketch pad.  Mickey has painted enough that you can...[ read more ]

What’s your “limp?”  You may be surprised to discover you have one!

  Did you know July is Disability Pride Month?  It’s to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act. I had no idea.  You probably didn’t either. ​“Disability pride” has been defined as accepting and honoring each person’s uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. I’m pretty sure not too...[ read more ]


Happy 4th of July! I pray you have found a way to celebrate the day despite how different things look this year. Even without the parades, concerts or fireworks (☹ I LOVE fireworks), today I am so thankful for freedom. Internal freedom. Peace. This is my dad. He was the most patriotic person I’ve ever known. He loved this country...[ read more ]

You’ve GOT this!

"It’s been a hell of a week..."​ ​ (or few weeks...or FEW MONTHS!) Recently I’ve been re-engaging with a devotional from Peter Scazzero (who wrote “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”) called EHS "Day by Day". Both have been life-changing for me by the way. Yesterday he referenced a quote by Thomas Keating talking about God’s Holy Spirit as a Divine Archaeologist in our...[ read more ]

What you pay attention to MATTERS

So start paying attention to the good in yourself! In my last post, I talked about how I’m noticing difficult things in myself (reactions to challenging people and situations, thoughts, fears, etc.) that I thought I’d dealt with. I told you that going back to the familiar is actually a normal reaction to stress and that we can use this...[ read more ]

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