Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less…” –John C. Maxwell

You are influencing people in your sphere every day. Whether in your family, your workplace or your ministry, you have potential to make a great difference in others’ lives.

If you’ve landed here,

  • you have a desire to build that potential and be a more effective leader in life and/or
  • you want your team to increase their own leadership capacity and teamwork

I can help with both.

As an executive director with the John Maxwell Team, a certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer and a licensed clinical counselor with a background in the media, I am uniquely qualified to help you (and your team)

  • build emotional intelligence and
  • uplevel your ability to communicate
  • so you can connect deeply with others (from the stage, the conference room or the kitchen counter)
  • and be the influential leader you’ve been created to be!

More than ever in 2020 we’ve learned the necessity of leaders who can PIVOT on a dime…leaders who possess:

Agility: the ability to respond quickly and effectively in an unpredictable environment…to move or change direction quickly and confidently when facing a threat or an opportunity; and

Psychological flexibility: what is needed in order to be agile.  In business or in life, it is the ability to be able to choose effective behaviors and do what matters regardless of unpleasant thoughts or feelings in the moment.


Are YOU prepared to lead confidently through it?

“after all, a healthy person is someone who can manage themselves in the uncertain, unpredictable world around them, where novelty and change are the norm rather than the exception” (Kashdan & Rottenberg, 2010)

Whether you want grow personally, professionally, to improve your speaking or leadership skills, or those of your team, you have come to the right place.  CONNECT WITH ME to discover how I can help with

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