What is the cost for coaching vs. counseling? Will my insurance pay?

  • The general rate for a 60-minute individual session, whether it’s counseling or coaching, is $150. I have various packages that will affect that fee so let’s chat and I can help you identify your best bet.
  • Insurance will only pay for counseling sessions and you must have a mental health diagnosis to file a claim. I am in-network with Medical Mutual and Tri-Care (military) and can file your claims for you. Otherwise, you would pay me and I will then provide you with a Superbill which is the document you would submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • Executive coaching, leadership training and speaking engagements will all vary in scope and price.  CONTACT ME to explore options.

Do you do couples counseling?

The short answer is no. However, my husband and I do couples COACHING if you want help enriching your relationship. You can find out that about our couples coaching here. Basically, if you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship, get in touch and I can either help you individually, we can (all four) work together or I can refer you to some of my very favorite amazing marriage counselors to help you through the crisis.

What if I’m out of state – or country (or just don’t have time to leave the office)?*

No problem! Actually right now we’re only seeing folks online anyway due to COVID-19. Regardless, when we DO get back in-office, I’d be happy to conduct your coaching sessions online or even on the phone if you’d prefer – whether you’re located across the street or across the ocean!*  Wherever you are located, CONTACT ME to discuss how I can help or help you find someone who can!

What’s the difference between counseling and coaching and how do I know which I need?

The broad answer is that counseling helps you address, heal or resolve some current or past issue that is making it really hard to function well in the present.  The issue, which typically will cause some emotional upheaval, can include anything from relationship challenges to recent or past trauma to ADHD, anxiety, depression and so on. Generally, the difficulty will prevent someone from really moving forward or being able to live the life they want until this issue has been addressed. Finally, it is a problem that can be stated as a mental health diagnosis.

Coaching is generally more action-oriented and helps you move from the present to an inspired future, setting goals, possibly learning skills and overcoming obstacles. Coaching is an opportunity to design and implement the life, business or relationship that you’ve dreamed about and either haven’t been able to make happen on your own or you just want some additional structure, support and feedback to prioritize, motivate and risk.

The fact is though, that with me, you get both! As your counselor, I am always using my coaching skills to help you set goals, move forward and thrive – even as we are possibly addressing really painful things. And as your coach**, I have skills and interventions that most coaches don’t unless they have also been trained as a counselor. For example, EMDR is an evidenced-based therapy that addresses many issues, especially PTSD. However, in coaching we can use it to improve your confidence, performance in the field, and even your leadership skills!

If you’re still confused as to which route to take, we can talk about what you’re wanting help with on a free consultation call. At the end of the call, you’ll walk away with a clear path to your next steps.



*   The state counseling board of Ohio will only allow me to conduct counseling sessions with clients who are IN OHIO at this point; although we can absolutely do those online too.
** If you have hired me to be your coach and we identify a major issue that must be addressed in counseling, I have a large network of trusted peers I can refer you to and we’ll either continue our work alongside, or return to it as you are able.